Launched in 1995, the journal publishes fully refereed papers and aims to advance the theory, methodology and practice of evaluation. Articles that bridge theory and practice, whether through generalizable and exemplary cases or theoretical and methodological innovation, are favored.The journal’s objectives include:

  • Integrating theory and practice in evaluation
  • Intellectual openness and excellence
  • Building bridges across the different traditions of the global evaluation community
  • Identifying synergies across different disciplinary and policy domains
  • Reinforcing evaluative thinking across professional, scholarly and institutional settings

Evaluation publishes cutting-edge articles, revisits and advances professional and scholarly debates and engages with the world of evaluation practice. Based in Europe, the journal cooperates closely with the European Evaluation Society but remains an independent voice, committed to encouraging dialogue between different evaluation traditions worldwide.

The journal is interdisciplinary drawing for example on political science, sociology, psychology, economics, anthropology and the philosophy of science. Over the last 20 years evaluation has become integral to many public-policy, regulatory and civil-society institutions. The journal welcomes innovative submissions from interconnected fields such as policy analysis, social work, technology development, education and auditing.

The journal also publishes Special Issues on topics that will help advance thinking and practice in evaluation.

Publishing frequency: Quarterly

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Health Research
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